Terrance Sumter

Terrance Sumter, Born a native Washingtonian has a powerful visual sense of artistic perspective and composition. Terrance is a graduate Of Duke Ellington School of the Arts and has acquired a robust foundation of skills that have helped develop a vivid and unique style. His style consists of broad brush strokes and a palate of rich color that give Terrence’s pieces enormous depth and a true sense of realism. Terrance has always had a strong passion for painting and has been successful at being images to life.

Terrance uses a variety of mediums, including pastels, Oils, water color, acrylic, and graphite.


Terrance’s clients always express complete gratification and fulfillment giving him the highest praise. His works continues to captivate audiences and have been displayed in prestigious establishments like: World Space International Satellite Radio, Karibu Books Stores, Fine Art Expressions and Duke Ellington’s Alumni showing.



Contact Terrance SumterXsumter@gmail.com