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Russell Lewis


Russel Lewis, Co-founder of Spotlight Art Studios, is an exceptional Visual Artist and Designer. Born a native Washingtonian, he has proven to be an artistic force to be reckoned with. Lewis realized, as an eager student at Duke Ellington, that he had more than a knack for conceptual design. As an ardent study, he developed a keen eye for detail. He committed himself to becoming one of the best in his field, a fact that is evident in his work to date.


Lewis has worked for the Hardgrove Decorating Corporation and The Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. He recently worked several years as a Creative Counselor at PSI Services, for the mentally and phsically disabled.


Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Duke Ellington School of Arts, Washington, DC


Clients Include:
National Geographic Magazine
Keith Sweat’s Industry Restaurant, Atlanta GA
93.9FM WKYS, Washington DC


Contact Russell Lewis directly at:




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