D. Vaughn

Vaughn is one of the most intense and brilliant visual artists around.

Formally educated in the field of fine art, Vaughn has managed to combine technique and personal conviction to create powerful works that are known for grabbing attention. His catalog ranges from soft and intimate images to strong, vibrant studies of color. With a superb attraction to abstract art, Vaughn is able to combine bold hues and simple details to mastermind works that are captivating and very engaging, thus suited for any space. Derrick produces the type of art that you didn’t know you needed until you had it.


Education:Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA


Duke Ellington School of Arts, Washington, DC


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Clients Include:
David Sanbourne
Keith Sweat’s Industry Restaurant, Atlanta GA
Washington Capital Jazzfest
Rhythm and Blues Starfest
93.9FM WKYS, Washington DC