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Joseph Eborn

For as long as he could remember, artist Joseph Eborn was attracted to the idea of connecting with the world through his creative expression. It is truly amazing what colors and shapes can accomplish. To live, is to create and to create, is to live. One can not survive without the other. This was the focus of Joseph Eborn from his childhood.

From a very early age, Joseph discovered his attraction to creativity and artistic works. His mother used to purchase the self taught artist kits. Joseph would mimic the renderings that were in the lesson plans. After that became less challenging, he decided to see how far he could take his new gift. Joseph auditioned for Duke Ellington School of the Arts and was accepted. At Ellington, Joseph fine tuned his skills as a graphic artist. Ellington became the backbone of everything that he would stand for artistically. After graduating from Ellington, Joseph was awarded a scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth University. At VCU, Joseph would discover the idea of visual communication. Duke Ellington groomed Joseph's skills and gave him the substance that he needed for his work to mature into the vigorous commercial art industry.


Joseph enjoyed expressing his deepest emotions through his work. He was a strong supporter of the traditional cubism artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, both of whom were revolutionary in the implementation of cubism. The key concept underlying Cubism is that the essence of an object can only be captured by showing it from multiple points of view simultaneously. This philosophy served as a direct guideline for Joseph's approach to his work. Not only did he try to give you multiple ways of viewing his subjects, but he also used an array of mediums to get his point across as well. Joseph was a working artist since 1992.


He had the opportunity to exhibit at the Phillips Collection, Duke Ellington School of The Art's, Temple University, New York's BSmith Restaurant, Keith Sweat's Industry Restaurant, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

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